Are Princesses good or bad role models for little girls?



Being the owner of a successful business which profits off of your children looking up to and adoring characters, especially princesses, I am fully aware that this immediately writes me off from being unbiased in the eyes of many readers. However, I can say with confidence, long before I started this business, since childhood I have always loved, looked up to and adored princesses. Guess what? It didn't ruin me in the slightest. In fact, it has been a hugely positive influence on my life in many ways. So please, hear me out as I lay out the answer to this blogpost's question. 


Are Princesses good or bad role models for little girls?


Of course my answer is, GOOD. In fact, they are excellent role models. Now more than ever before.


Think about this for a minute. Many parents who have an issue with princesses, and refuse to "buy into the hype" over fairytales, will without a second thought, then go ahead and take their 7 year old child to a pop-concert to watch the latest singing sensation jump around on stage with every lady bit they have on show, gyrating about in the sauciest fashion to lyrics that are generally less than PG rated. But princesses, with their polite mannerisms and generally modest apparel, are considered bad role models. Interesting to say the least. In a world full of all kinds of things that try to pull our little daughters into an early sexual awakening and into a level of "maturity" in many areas that they simply should not have to face yet, princesses are the very least of our worries.


You may have seen social media memes and phrases that have been quite popular, such as 

"I blame Disney for my unrealistic expectations on both men and hair" or,

"Frozen - the first Disney movie where a female character shows you don't need a man to save you" (This is actually quite untrue). We grin at these statements and at first glance kind of subconsciously give a nod of agreement to them and move on with our day. But if we were to look realistically at thoughts like this, they are rather untrue. A cartoon isn't responsible for anything at all in a fully grown adults life. That is generally a cop out. However, this isn't the focus of this article, so moving right along from that, let's get into talking about the actual princesses as role models.