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This is THE party for your Bluey lovers! Have your little guests enjoying themed games and balloon twisting for 1 or 1.5hrs and have nothing to think about but the food. Some of the games are hand picked right out of the show and the kids get super excited to play the same games as Bluey, Bingo, Bandit and Chilli!

1 Hour - $190 (pre-kindy, 2 - 4yrs. Recommended 12 children max, but can have up to 16 per entertainer)

Your host will arrive and begin with a fun Bluey story! Then it's on to age appropriate, non-competitive themed games, with stickers all round. Examples of games are parachute play with our Bluey plush, pup run, doggy bone hunt, pup bean bag toss, bubbles, keepy uppy and deflate Bandit!

1.5 Hours - $245 (most suitable for children ages 4 - 8yrs - flexible. Up to 16 Children per entertainer)

Your host will arrive and begin with a fun bluey story, then its on to age appropriate themed games, with trinket prizes included. This option has been created for children ages 4-8 but can be tweaked for pre-kindy children also. Games will depend on the space avaialble and number of children attending but are active and keep the kids engaged the whole time! Then its on to balloon twisting, which is a great time to serve the party food while your entertainer creates something fun for each child.