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Face painting is a timeless, favourite entertainment option among both children and adults and a sure fire crowd pleaser at any party or event. Our Unreal Kids Parties Face Painters are all interviewed, selected, trained and tested to be sure of quality and professionalism. We send out face painters who are not only professional, but also excellent with children, hygienic and well presented. Our face painters are also selected for their friendly and fun personalities suited to entertain at events. When you invite us to your event, you are inviting top quality artists. 

Face painters available in all states of Australia.

Our face and body artists are available for:

Birthday Parties

Festivals and Fetes - (2hr minimum)

Corporate Events (2hr minimum)

Hens Parties

Baby Showers and Maternity belly painting


Pricing: varies between $125 - $140 per hour. Please Inquire

Corporate and community events require a two hour minimum.

Parties are a 1 hour minimum. 

The average number of faces painted per hour is 12-14.

Other Options:

If you would like to have face painting included in a themed package along with other activities such as games and storytime, please see our "Party themes" section for more information.



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Are your paints safe and non-toxic?

YES! Our paints are all FDA approved, water based, makeup quality paints which are created to be used on the skin. Most of our paints are also vegan friendly, and you can request a vegan product only kit, if available.

Is there an age limit?

We do not have an age limit, rather, we use commonsense. We will paint a child if they are consenting to be painted. Babies and children who are afraid to be painted are considered non-consenting. A child must be willing and express that willingness to be painted.

Do the paints stain?

Face paint, like any other well pigmented cosmetic left on the skin all day, can stain. However staining can usually be avoided by proper removal. Our face painters can provide you with a convenient card which shows simple and accurate paint removal instructions.

Can you just do smaller designs and fit more kids in?

Not really. While at busy festivals we do tend to do simpler designs to keep the line moving, Its about 12 faces an hour on average for a reason. It is not just the simplicity or intricacy of a design that forms this average, but also taking into consideration the time it takes for a child to select a design, upkeeping a tidy table with clean water and paints throughout the event, activating paints correctly and rinsing brushes properly throughout the event to ensure good paint consistency for a nice design (even the simple ones), answering parents and children's questions while focusing on what we are doing, managing the line, allowing the child to see their painting in the mirror once done, and more. Just as a carpenter will not cut corners and build your cabinets quicker so that you can pay less, we will not drop quality of art and care of the children's health so you can pay less.

Do your face painters have working with children's checks?

Yes. All members of the Unreal Kids Parties team, from the helpers through to the character performers, have current working with children's checks. This includes the face painters.

Do you have public liability insurance?:

Yes, and we are happy to provide the certificate upon request.



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