The Unreal Kids Parties team love children, and our area of charity work is within the realm of child-related works.


Due to the large number of charity requests we receive weekly, we have created this webpage to help charity seekers know if we may be willing and able to be involved in your charity idea or event. We are selective of what type of charity we offer in order to work with more people more effectively and to make use of what we have to offer in the most appropriate way.


we do not:

  • offer raffle prizes for events

  • attend events organised by corporations/businesses for free in exchange for exposure

  • extend charity to non-child related causes

  • attend awareness fundraising events for free


We do:

  • visit very ill children in hospitals or in their homes

  • Work with individual families to raise funds for legitimate medical/life bettering needs

  • Work with child-orientated organisations such as Make a Wish & The Starlight Foundation. 


If you have a charity request that fits one of our "we do" categories, please contact admin using the inquiry option and we will respond to your inquiry within 5 days.

Thanks! Message sent.