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Get ready for fun with Kids Constable Kaden, who will lead your little cadets in Police Academy Training! Not only is Kids Constable Kaden believable, in a custom made uniform to be as close to the WA Police uniform as possible (whilst remaining within the confines of the law of course!) But he also actually used to BE a real police officer! How perfect can it get?

What we do:

Officer Rob arrives, greets the kids and let's them know that he is there to recruit them as JR police cadets. He shows them some of his police gear and tells them how he became a police officer. He then goes straight into themed party games that are "training" and prizes are included. The games depend on the amount of space available and number of kids attending but examples are; cadet drills, obstacle course, traffic control run, catch the burglar, solve the crime and cadet tag. Officer Rob will then end his visit with some balloon twisting, Which is a great time to feed the kids.

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Price: $250 for up to 16 children

ages: Suitable for children ages 4-6

Parties with over 16 children will require a second entertainer at $80 more.

Please be aware that our Police themed party entertainment is restricted to private events either at your home or inside a community centre, We cannot host this type of party in local parks or public outdoor spaces.

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